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Twin Fan Low Drift


Twin fan nozzles give two spray fans - one forward and the other backward. This treats both sides of the plant and greatly improves deposition providing better disease control and yield response. The design of the Low Drift Twin Fan allows an intermediate pressure drop. The droplets formed at standard pressures are therefore coarser. Coarser droplets lessen the number of drift prone droplets below 103µ, therefore reducing the amount of pesticide sprayed to non-target areas. The TF-LD nozzle is a derivative of the Enviroguard series which has proved extremely popular world wide for many years. This twin fan nozzle can be used for fungicide applications for potato blight and cereals etc.

You can Click Here to see the characteristics of this nozzle and you can download the application chart by clicking the pdf below

Be sure to use a Twin Fan Cap with all Twin Fan Tips. Click here